​Coming 20th March 2021 (Equinox)

​​Are you a space geek/nerd? SFC films will be launching a membership site to nurture a community of Space Faring Civilisation inspirers and builders. Scroll down to see membership benefits.

SFC Films Membership Benefits

These are just some of the benefits you get by becoming a member of SFC Films.

Watch Inspiring Optimistic Sci-Fi

Unlimited access to SFC Films catalogue of inspiring and thought provoking films from talented & awesome filmmakers from around the world. From classics to modern depiction of how we imagine a Space Faring Civilisation would be.

Learn From Educational Documentaries & Training Videos

Learn from awesome documentary films and series, originals and/or from talented filmmakers, space geeks or educators.

Participate in Member Events & Projects

This is not just a streaming site but also a community of like minded people who want to build the foundation of a Space Faring Civilisation. Therefore we will hold regular events and create members only projects to not just enhance our experience here but also to take action towards a common cause, i.e. generate more interest in Space Exploration as peaceful human family. Initial events & projects:

  • 2021 Space Faring Civilisation Film Festival

  • Regular zoom meetup and discussions, members only

Discounts, Gifts and Merchandises

This feature is estimated to be online mid to late 2021. SFC Films store , or online shop, will eventually have wonderful merchandises from props to educational and collectibles. All revolving around Optimistic Sci-Fi and space exploration. There will be members only discounts and from time to time we will have gifts to say thank you for supporting us. Also where possible we will provide discounts from related organisations, or businesses, to SFC Films members. Possibilities are endless. Stay Tuned :). Also there will be discounts to events , and film festival entries, organised by SFC Films to members.