SFC Film Festival School Competition

Welcome to the SFC Film Festival 2024 School Competition, an initiative already gaining momentum. Schools worldwide, we invite you to express your interest in joining us on this creative journey. No commitments are required at this stage; we're simply looking for your passion.

In this competition, we envision school projects that create entertaining, educational, and inspiring positive space films. These films will undergo judgment by school representatives, similar to Eurovision's process. Winners will be celebrated and their films screened at the 2024 SFC Film Festival, with trophies awarded.

Expect collaboration between your arts and science departments, as a key criterion for this competition is the inclusion of real science in your films, whether in documentary or fiction.

SFC Film Festival will provide tailored workshops and support throughout the year, enhancing your project's potential. For more details, join us at our Science Week event on August 27th, either in person or via live stream. To express your interest and potentially be one of the first five schools shaping this journey, click below.

Overview: SFC Film Festival 2024 School Competition

Embark on a creative journey like no other through the SFC Film Festival 2024 School Competition. This global initiative invites schools worldwide to express their interest in joining a unique venture that harnesses the power of filmmaking to inspire, educate, and entertain.

What to Expect:

  • Creative Exploration: Schools are encouraged to express their interest, with no commitments required. This initiative seeks to tap into the passion and creativity of students, fostering an environment where innovative ideas thrive.

  • Positive Space Films: The competition revolves around school projects aimed at crafting positive space films. These films, designed to entertain, educate, and uplift, will be at the heart of this exciting endeavor.

  • Collaboration: A standout feature of this initiative is the collaboration between arts and science departments. Real science will be a key criterion in the films, whether they take the form of documentaries or fiction.

  • Judgment and Celebration: Participating schools will have the opportunity to showcase their films to a wider audience. School representatives will engage in a judging process akin to Eurovision's, and the winners will be celebrated at the grand stage of the 2024 SFC Film Festival, where trophies await.

  • Tailored Support: SFC Film Festival is committed to providing workshops and support throughout the year, tailored to each school's needs. The goal is to enhance the potential of the projects and provide valuable learning experiences.

Next Steps:

For an in-depth exploration of the competition, join us at our Science Week event on August 27th, either in person or via live stream. Be among the first to shape this creative journey by registering your expression of interest below. Anticipate further updates by December, as we unite to ignite creativity and bring cinematic magic to life.

Let your school's imagination take flight in the SFC Film Festival 2024 School Competition. Express your interest today and become a part of this exciting venture that blends education, art, and inspiration.

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