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price option <div class="editor-content"><p>Basic Membership</p></div>

Basic Membership

$29 / Year

Ideal for lovers of positive space films who want to support SFC Films and our mission, learning about the universe and ourselves.

  1. Full access to all SFC space films, series, documentaries and educational videos

  2. Can leave comments/feedbacks on videos

  3. Access to community discussions (chat about your favourite film/series on SFC)

  4. Free tickets to SFC Film Festival screenings (Online & Live)

  5. Exclusive Film/Video Production Services to members

price option <p>Standard Membership</p>

Standard Membership

$100 / year

Ideal for emerging filmmaker who want to learn to create positive space films.

  1. Everything in Basic Membership

  2. Fee waiver code to SFC Film Festival submissions. Enter as many films as you like for free

  3. Get help, feedback & collaborate through our community discussion forum

  4. FREE tickets to our regular study circles workshop, where you can network, collaborate and refine your projects

  5. Free, or exclusive discounts, to SFC Workshops

  6. Free access to SFC portable mobile recording equipment (bookings essential)

price option <p>Premium Membership</p>

Premium Membership

$200 / Year

Ideal for filmmakers who want to create & self distribute positive space films, growing their audience.

  1. Everything in Standard membership

  2. Exclusive video studio hire for VP, VFX, promo and training videos, at a very low fee. Your first day hire is free.

  3. Can submit films or proposals to collaborative projects

  4. Free listing of your own collaborative positive film projects

  5. Your film can be premiered at SFC Film Festival - Conditions apply

  6. Exclusive hire to adaptable indoor set for larger indoor filming, with studio equipment specifically designed for filmplus recording studio 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the questions below to view answers.

Why should I become an SFC member?

If you're like us you love positive space films, the ones that say the human family will come together and explore the galaxy, solving problems through intelligence, compassion, cooperation, justice & love, and boldly going... Well you get the idea :)

Your membership will not only get the benefits mentioned above but also you will be part of a passionate community that will save this genre from disappearing from our screens and bring more inspiring and educational space films to our screens, both narrative and non-fiction. We also celebrate the positive achievements of the human family through general positive films.

Thank you for your support.

I want to make positive space films, where do I start?

Wonderful, that makes us very happy to hear. The more positive space films made the better. A great place to start is out practical filmmaking workshops which we organise for beginners, emerging and advanced filmmakers. If you don't see a particular workshop, then suggest one.

What is SVOD and TVOD?

SVOD (subscription video on demand) refers to films and videos that are available as a subscription, like Netflix. Most of SFC films & videos come as part of your membership subscription. You'll have full access to our catalogue if you're a paid member (standard or premium).

TVOD refers to Transactional video on demand, where you can buy or rent a film or video, like appleTV (iTunes). We are trying to support indie filmmakers therefore we offer them the choice of subscription method or transactional, where typically TVOD gives them better return. Not all titles but some in our catalogue will be TVOD only. Would you consider supporting these wonderfull filmmakers by buying or renting their film or video?

I'm not a filmmaker, or I'm new to filmmaking, can I still become a member?

Yes absolutely. There are many ways you can participate in SFC Films that don't involve making films (eg: voting for SFC film festival winners, encouraging positive filmmakers by commenting, community discussions etc.) However if you do become interested in space filmmaking, or just starting out, our workshops are great to get started and as a member you will get access to our free workshops and discounts on paid workshops & events.

I'm a filmmaker of positive space films, can I submit my films to SFC films?

That's wonderful. Every year at our film festival we offer filmmakers the opportunity to submit their films for licensing option opportunity. Check our Film Festival section for more details

Can I take part in the workshops without being a member?

For most workshops and events you do not have to be an SFC Films member, however members receive discounts and there are a few select workshops and events that are exclusive to members.

*Can I unsubscribe from getting update e-mails?

Yes you can however we strongly recommend that you don't. If you're on the free account by unsubscribing from getting update e-mails your membership will automatically be deleted. If you're on standard or premium account and you'd like to receive less e-mails, or notifications in a different way, contact masoud ASAP.

How do I cancel?
If you don’t want to continue, you can cancel your membership at any time. Follow the prompts to cancel on the Billing page, and your membership will not renew. Please note that there aren’t refunds for partially unused membership periods.