Want To Contribute To SFC Films?

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How To Contribute To SFC Films

These are just some of the ways to contribute to SFC Films. Click on the + button to see the option you're interested in.

License Your Indie Films With Us

Professional Indie Filmmakers creating high quality Optimistic Sci-Fi and/or Space Exploration documentaries on a micro to low budget, we'd love to include your content in our catalogue for our space geek members. For more info contact Masoud

Take Part In Our Film Festival

If you're a film student or an emerging filmmaker, with a passion for space exploration, then take part in our film festival. *More info Coming Soon

Members contribution

Members are welcome to contribute to specific projects. These will be announced on a case by case basis. * Coming Soon

Also, you are encouraged to comment in individual film, video or series comment sections. As usual please be kind and respectful. Constructive feedback is always welcome. Support your fellow creative space geeks and educators.